понедельник, 30 августа 2010 г.

My two cents in OSS. Free VOIP .Net library.

Good news, everyone!

A brand new pure OOP VOIP open souce library has just entered the .Net realm - pjsip4net. This is my projection of plain "2D" procedural C library pjsip into "3D" world of objects. It is so trendy to go 3D nowadays that I just couldn't resist. =)

To be correct pjsip4net is a wrapper above high-level pjsua API. It provides you with readymade user agent capable to issue calls over SIP & (S)RTP protocols via UDP or TCP or even TLS from your .Net code.

Actually, this code is still under construction due to my constant need to improve. But keep your wig on, it is already usable and tested.

I have covered prety much everything in pjsua API, but still this is what you can do with it:

  • register at SIP server;
  • select a sound device;
  • select and prioritize codecs;
  • call another party;
  • auto answer;
  • auto conference (all calls will be marshalled to one big conference);
  • NAT traversal (STUN, TURN, ICE);
  • blah blah blah with other party.
Enter pjsip4net: http://code.google.com/p/pjsip4net/

Good luck!